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Secrets Bronx Film Festival 2018

Secrets, a whodunit by 11-year-old screenwriter, director and star Ms. Leela Charlotte West, was the highlight. It first screened at our Summer Cycle 2017 outdoors series in Bronx parks, like several other shorts.




Thank you so much for sharing, what a beautiful mature video



The Lockdown Doorstep Project 2020

I just wanted you to know how much I loved your photos on the black history BRIT Now. Powerful, well crafted and very memorable. They have power and poetry and feel very contemporary and classic at the same time. Do you want to be a photographer after BRIT? You clearly have talent. Thank you for putting your work forward. It would be great to catch up sometime.

STUART WORDEN – Principle at BRIT School

BLM Photographs BRIT Now Exhibition 2022

Unlocked 22 exhibition
Koppel X Gallery Picadilly Circus 2022

Kelvin Grove Video 2020

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